Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi

Reviewed by test on February 17, 2014

So, my verdict: while Unravel Me was unputdownable and relentless with emotions, I still wasn't satisfied with its ending. I'm thinking, while Tahereh Mafi can write eloquently, I'm not sure if she has the talent to wrap up stories as intensely as she started them..? I'm having problems on how she closes each installment. :/ But sometimes I think – sometimes I wonder – if I were a monster, surely, I would feel it by now?

I want to be clear that I only like Juliette when she went Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to someone who's close to her at that time of her change. She was such a cold-hearted bad-*ss! Did you see how she manhandled Kenji? or how she blatantly damaged Warner's father? It was awesome! But when Juliette went dramatic over Adam/Warner, forget it. I wanted to throttle her every time. But I mean, why even a love affair? I never understood that kind of crap. If you’re not happy, just leave. Don’t cheat. Doesn’t take a genius to figure that shit out.

I get it, that Kenji will be the sidekick guy. But he did have his strong points. And every time he bombarded Juliette with the hard truths, I applauded him. I believe he's the most consistent character in this series. I know who I am. That’s enough for me.

I have to give Warner some credit. Because he's really... immovable, self-willed, unbending. I heard whispers that Unravel Me was all about Warner. Halfway through the book, and Warner is still a no-show... but when he did... Oh golly, he rocked the chapters! His character was just that potent. He's not a good guy, but his transformation from a cruel monster to a somewhat resembling a human being, it was worth watching out for. Man, Warner. *sigh*

That thing that bugged me the most about this sequel: the love triangle was distorted, I might even go as far as biased. I mean, I'm not even Team Warner (and not that a solid Team Adam, either), but I saw that Warner's character was heavily favored than Adam's. C'mon! Love triangles are okay, but for goodness' sake let there be a fair fight among rivaly teams! Warner was unmistakably strong in character, but Adam was unbalanced, crumbling, left to deteriorate. =( It was sad, really. The unhealthy love triangle here took out the challenge in rooting for the right guy. And Juliette didn't help, either.

Unravel Me is a bit better than Shatter Me. But only a bit. The ending more or less showed me who will be winning Juliette in book 3.